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A New era of prosperity for

Ross River Nation 

A meaningful difference

The original discovery of silver lead zinc mineralization at Vangorda and then Faro has been historically credited to Al Kulan.  In reality it, was Ross River Nation members Jack Sterriah (“Dena Cho”) and his wife Broden (“Las Tsok”) that led Al Kulan to the location of Vangorda beneath Tse Zul Mountain and later Faro, in their traditional hunting grounds after Al asked the Sterriahs if they had ever seen certain rocks that contained silver lead zinc mineralization.

For many years the Sterriah family provided shelter and food for Al in their home when he was prospecting on and near the lands of the Ross River people.

The ProJect

The Partnership

The Partnership between Dena Nezzidi Development Corporation and Broden Mining Ltd., a consortium of natural resource developers with a strong track record of development with significant Indigenous project participation, provides for governance structures, technical and fiscal capacity under which the partnership will purchase and assess the mineral potential of the Vangorda Lands and adjacent areas.  The agreement outlines the terms under which the parties would work together for mutual benefit while providing for long term social, cultural, environmental, and economic success.

The Land

Located northeast of the town of Faro, the Vangorda Lands are strategic assets estimated to have more than 20 years of operational life with modern, sustainable resource development techniques. They hold in-demand mineral reserves of zinc and lead as well as silver and gold.

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